Smartlands Platform (Stellar-based) is excited to announce it has achieved a significant milestone in its mission of bringing the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency to a real economy sector.

The launch of the beta version of the Smartlands Wallet, that is integral part of the Platform, is necessary for creating cryptocurrency tokens backed by real economy assets.

Beta-Version on Testnet

The development of Smartlands Platform is a complicated process that requires integrating several interrelated features. Reaching the stage where an operational prototype can be tested is significant milestone of the Platform development. This release includes an updated product website which will showcase the different projects available for funding.

Another important element of the beta version of the Platform is the Smartlands Wallet. To develop a highly secured wallet it is necessary to perform a robust testing before it will be launched in the public network.

Integration with Stellar

Smartlands wallet is specifically designed to integrate with the Stellar platform which hosts the Smartlands system. These features are necessary for co-trading of SLT (Smartlands token) with ABTs (Asset Based Tokens).

ABTs are a core feature of Smartlands Platform as described in the Smartlands Whitepaper. These cryptotokens are backed by physical real economy assets and are held in escrow accounts. The proceeds of the sale of ABTs funds strategic improvement of technological level that in turn will significantly enhance production and market value.

Ability to trade assets on an exchange is essential for provision of liquidity and Stellar network is perfectly suitable for this. All the assets created on Stellar could be safely, securely and conveniently traded at low cost on the Stellar Distributed Exchange (SDEX), therefore ABTs issued on Smartlands will be tradable right after ICO. For example, SLT became tradable on SDEX just few hours after the token sale.

ABTs represent a new funding mechanism for farmers. Smartlands’ ABTs unify the power of the financial industry, real economy and advanced informational technology (including blockchain).

Future Developments

Smartlands looks forward to the successful completion of the test phase and release of its platform in public network. Meanwhile, Smartlands is already soliciting proposals for ABTs from farmers and agricultural companies across the globe.

More information is available at the Smartlands website, including additional details on the potential impact of ABTs on the valuation of cryptocurrencies in general. Please, check regularly for more news regarding this innovative approach to solving a major global problem.

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