Luxy, the millionaire matching app dedicated to pairing ambitious singles, today announced it will now accept cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin, as a method for payment across its dating application. Luxy is dedicated to connecting individuals with others who share the same passion, which often includes entrepreneurialism, business success and a high-class, luxurious lifestyle.

Luxy is on a mission to collaborate with technology providers to upgrade its community, especially as individuals perpetuate connection through digital and mobile technology. The acceptance of cryptocurrencies, beginning with Bitcoin, is the first step on Luxy’s path toward a more technologically advanced future. App users can continue to pay with traditional currencies, and now have the option to view the net worth of individuals in cryptocurrency or traditional currency.

“We’re finding that our users care deeply about the appreciation and value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” said Tim T., CEO of Luxy. “As we widen our pool to be more inclusive of all ambitious-minded people, ranging from millionaires to investors to entrepreneurs, we see the importance of ensuring bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are included as part of an individual’s net worth. This is one of the steps we’re taking to ensure we’re using the latest technology to our advantage in the matchmaking process.”

Luxy will continue to offer its most popular features, such as Vouch, which allows users who want to join Luxy to be voted in, as well as its stringent verification process. Luxy Black, the app’s pay-for-premium service, allows users to filter their search preference according to income, see access full-length profiles, and increase their chance of finding a perfect match.

Bitcoin, and eventually other cryptocurrencies, is now an integrated part of the Luxy experience, appearing as a payment method, as part of the verification process, and incorporated into each individual’s net worth. Bitcoin has seen “a roughly 20-fold rise since the beginning of 2017,” according to Fortune, which is significantly higher return on investment than virtually every conventional investment available today. A significant number of Luxy users are accustomed to investing and paying with cryptocurrencies.