Long plaguing the world of live events are issues of scalping, counterfeiting, and touting. Aventus looks to blockchain technology to remedy these maladies by developing an open source Ethereum powered protocol that stands to become an industry standard. Aventus isn’t looking to disrupt the ticketing industry or put anyone out of business; instead it wants to give companies the tools they need to better manage events.

On the Aventus platform anyone can create an event and adjust variables like initial pricing, and price caps and revenue splits from resale. It’s designed to make the most of a decentralized public facing network built on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that events that use the Aventus smart ticket solution can keep better track of every ticket-related transaction for efficient record-keeping.

Today’s ticket standard is too easy to game by touters who use software to scoop up tickets before the general public. Often times these fast actors can adjust the price for an entire marketplace by swooping in and inflating the cost. Aventus puts regulation of the secondary market directly into its client’s hands. Event creators can manage the secondary marketplace and control the resale of tickets with confidence that the automated blockchain protocol backing their smart-ticket will run in the background while they focus on more important deliverables.

Blockchain technology’s transparent records are more than just leverage against touters; they eliminate ticket fraud with the power of the Aventus provenance protocol. With a simple click a smart ticket can be verified with absolute certainty by anyone. The efforts of the Aventus team will go a long way towards putting ticket fraud to an end for good.

On September 6, 2017, Aventus successfully crowdfunded 60,000 Ether during both a private pre-sale and a public initial coin offering, valued over 40 million pounds at the time of press. The research team has since been actively testing a voting module on the Rinkeby test net and has been actively engaging the open source community with bug bounties to deliver a stable platform. This approach maximizes the end-user experience while taking care to deliver a solid foundation upon which to build.

In concert with its successful crowd-sale, Aventus was proud to announce that among its first clients is D2C service provider Townsend Music, who has worked with high profile artists like Stormzy, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and The Prodigy.

As a partially crowdsourced endeavor with a public facing codebase, the Aventus team is committed to building a platform with the benefit of all in mind. To that end, work on the beta launch of the platform will continue into the first quarter of 2018, with an expected protocol for a minimum viable product delivered by the second quarter.

To learn more visit: www.aventus.io