A recent development with a major video sharing corporation has slashed revenue sharing with content producers, leaving small video makers out in the cold. This reiterates the urgent need for an open and fair environment for content producers, which decentralized video platform Viuly aims to provide.

Video content producers, particularly independent ones with modest online followings, have taken to social media to vent their disappointment with recent announcements from a major video hosting platform that will see thousands of small video producers dropped from revenue programs. The strict decision was apparently made to comply with advertiser guidelines, prompted by repeated scandals of offensive content appearing on the major platform.

The change in protocol has raised entry requirements for participants, effectively demonetizing a significant portion of video content. This will involve a high minimum number of subscribers as well as a minimum number of views imposed, essentially marooning entire communities of independent video makers and rising stars who will not make the cut.

How will Viuly’s decentralized ecosystem benefit all video creators?

With the elimination of middlemen and their exorbitant commissions, revenue generated on the Viuly platform (currently in Alpha) is distributed in a fair and equitable manner, with content producers earning and viewers rewarded, with percentages far higher than that given by the current industry monopolies.

Video makers of all budgets and means will collectively share equal benefits on the Viuly ecosystem, earning revenue in the form of VIU tokens from the very first view on any video they upload, as there are no restrictive entry requirements.

VIU tokens are the native currency of the Viuly platform. They can be used by advertisers to purchase advertising packages, earned as rewards for viewing videos and earned by video makers for generating views on their videos.

As centralization restricts, Viuly liberates

Viuly’s aim to revolutionize the video-sharing industry is founded on the belief that video content should be free for all through an open system of distributed content, without restrictions and limitations to access, imposed by centralized intermediaries.

As participation in revenue programs on centralized platforms get stricter with pre-approval, and still vulnerable to the inclusion of “offensive content,” Viuly moderates its content through an entirely decentralized system. The platform will ensure that pre-approved content is rated and passed or marked for violation by peer-appointed moderators adhering to a common standard of community ethics.

All users will be able to access any content without worrying about geographical restrictions or access limitations commonly found on major video hosting platforms.


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